Toni Greene Certified Hypnotist
Hypnosis and healing center

Toni has continuing education certifications in: Pediatric Hypnosis, Sports and Athletics, Weight Reduction, PTSD, Sales And Marketing,

It's my passion and my purpose to help you get from who you are to who you are meant to be,

who you want to be. Deep inside you feel an ache, a knowing of what you are
possible of, if only. I'm here to help you release the "if only" and move into what's next!

Today many people are suffering from Fear, Trauma and anxiety. Toni has helped 100's of people suffering from PTSD due to abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, mental, psychological), military experience, and other causes. It is not necessary to relive the trauma to heal it!

Hypnosis can help you release what's blocking you from being the person you
know you are, call 414-897-2869 to schedule your appointment. The following is a list
of some of the hypnosis services I offer. If you do not see what you are looking for please
call 414-897-2869. I am trained in all areas of hypnosis and will be able to help you.
Appointments available Phone, and in Person

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